Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Palm Springs Weekend

11.3.07: Playing in the pool in Palm Springs... it was a nice relaxing weekend with our friends! Above pic is Dan, Reb & Lance... 2nd pic is Misty Daniel.


10.27.07: Village People was the theme of this Halloween amoung our friends... Daniel was the construction guy and Lance was the cop. I was just a cute kitty kat.

5 1/2 Years

11.18.07: We just hit our 5 1/2 year mark... it's hard to believe we have been together for that long & in other ways it's hard to remember a time w/o each other. It's been our goal lately to take quick/inexpensive trips. A couple of weeks ago we went to Palm Springs with some of our great friends. This weekend we are headed to Vegas to celebrate a friend's 30th birthday. The following weekend we are going to San Fran to visit some great friends & do some Christmas shopping. Then in January we are using our timeshare for the 1st time & renting a condo in Vegas & dragging some friends along with us... it should be a fun time.