Monday, June 30, 2008

Rob's 50th BDay!!!

6.28-29.08 We went up to our friends' cabin to celebrate Rob's birthday. We had so much fun riding 4 wheelers, playing games, relaxing & of course eating lots.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Family Open House... Live Performances 6.14.08

Lucky people from the audience were ask to join the lovely luau dancers... Reb's Dad, Reb's Uncle Danny, Reb's cousin Johnny, us... Reb & Dan & Abigail joined us!

Daniel's bro from high school's daughters did a special dance for us... it was perfect! Mahalo!!!

Family Open House 6.14.08

My parents, Reb, threw Daniel & I family open house. It was wonderful... full of yummy food (catered from Moki's... Dan & I's fav Hawaiian restaurant), entertainment & most important ingredient... OUR FAMILY!!!

Maui 5.27.08

Sadly today was our last day... we relaxed, checked out of our condo, said good bye to our new found friend Eddie, went shopping, & went to a movie... "Speed Racer". Bye Maui... we had the best vacation to date. Thank you for hosting us, our friends & our family. This is a trip to record on the record books!!! Thank you for making our wedding the dream of all dreams!!! MAHALO!!!

Maui 5.26.08

Daniel took a private surf lesson, our group surf lesson the week before hardly had any waves, so Daniel needed to try out his skills again. Then we went to Lahaina's Front Street for lunch & window shopping.

Maui 5.25.08

Wow... we have been married for a week... what an amazing time we have had sooo far... memories that will be ours for the rest of our life.
Today we went back to little beach & chilled with all the interesting people.

Maui 5.24.08

Wow... we are all alone now... no family nor friends... we chilled all day & admired beautiful Maui together!

Maui 5.23.08

Today was the last day Dan's family was in Maui... so we spent the day at the beach with Deb, Dan's mom, & Qrystel, Dan's sis. Then after we sent them on their way to the airport we went back to the beach & enjoy one of our fav things in Maui... the sunsets.

Maui 5.22.08 Haleakala Sunrise Footage

Maui 5.22.08

We had a great day... we got up at 2am to witness the sunrise at Haleakala volcano. It was sooo dang cold... we were used to temps in the 80's & this morning up at the volcano it was closer to 40 degrees... quite the rude change. But it was quite the thing to be behold.

Then Daniel & I went to the lavender gardens. I really liked them because they were so beautiful & it was so peaceful. We had to wait a bit before they were open so we watched some hang gliders... also a great sight!

Maui 5.21.08

Daniel & I spent the day alone... our first day alone... we relaxed!

Maui 5.20.08

Still pictured out. Today was the day Reb's family & all our friends left. So Daniel & I spent the day with my fam.

Maui 5.19.08

We were all pictured out... but here are a few... we went back to the beach... worked on our tan, body surfed, & relaxed.

Just Maui'd... How it all began 5.18.08

The wedding party wanted to hear the story of how it all begin... so here I go...

Just Maui'd Toasting 5.18.08

Raq Toasting
(Sorry you can't see it very well... but thank goodness the audio is good.)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Just Maui'd Toasting 5.18.08

Aaron toasting...
... and Daniel & I thanking all our family & friends... present & at home...
... and Reb's mom wishing us happiness!
(Sorry the visual isn't good... thank goodness the audio is good)

Just Maui'd... The Ceremony 5.18.08

(*You may not be able to hear the whole ceremony... it was windy... but still pretty amazing!)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Just Maui'd 5.18.08

It finally arrived... the day I, Rebecca, had dreams about all my life... to be married. I had waited 5 years & 364 days to marry the man of my dreams. We celebrated our 6 year anniversary by marrying each other. We couldn't have asked for a more magical ceremony... it was the perfect way to start our marriage.
We were very grateful that so many of our friends & family were able to celebrate this monumentous day with us. THANK YOU!!!

Maui 5.17.08

Wow... what a day... we did the "Road to Hana" & went to see the 7 Sacred Pools. Not sure this was our favorite day... it was quite an adventure. It was absolutely beautiful, but the road was sooo windy & seemed to take hours & hours before we arrived... then we had to drive back down... wow... what a memory we all will have.

Maui 5.16.08

We hit the beach then to the luau with everyone... we had amazing seats... right up front! It was a wonderful day!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Maui 5.15.08

A day full of surf lessons, living it up on the beach & family dinner!

Maui 5.14.08

We finally left SLC for beautiful Maui... thought it would never come!

Family Bridal Shower 5.6.08

Daniel's family threw me a shower... it was sooo very fun. I am fully stocked with hot boudoir clothing... lucky Daniel... Thx Hamilton's!!!

Friend Wedding Shower 4.26.08

An amazingly fun friend shower was thrown for us by our friend Mandy Jo... look at all the fun we had!!!!

The Ring Has Sealed the Deal!!!

Daniel gave me the most beautiful & perfect engagement ring on Saturday, April 12th!!!

Engaged!!! 3.18.08

We have, for some, finally decided to get married! We are getting married on May 18th, 2008 at dusk in Maui, Hawaii. We are sooooo excited to start this part of our life!!!